Settings files

The lfd package and its subpackages have a settings.py file with setting variables. You can easily override these variables by creating a package lfd_settings with the same structure as lfd. The variable that should be overriden can be defined in the corresponding settings.py file of the lfd_settings package.

This is best illustrated with an example. Suppose you want to override the EM_ITER variable from the lfd.registration.settings module to be 5 instead. First, you can generate the lfd_settings package with the provided script:

cd /path/to/lfd
python scripts/make_lfd_settings_package.py ../lfd_settings/lfd_settings

Remember to add the lfd_settings package to your PYTHONPATH:

export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/lfd_settings:$PYTHONPATH

Then, in the file /path/to/lfd_settings/lfd_settings/registration/settings.py, add python code that overrides the EM_ITER variable:


Downloading test data

First navigate to the bigdata directory, and then run the download.py script.

Cache files

By default, some functions cache results in the default cache directory /path/to/lfd/.cache/. If you are running out of space, consider deleting this directory.